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CaSSU is an inter-university network of Catholic student societies in southern England and Wales. By promoting solidarity and sharing resources, member societies can play a more vibrant and successful role at university campuses.

More specific aims for CaSSU include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sharing non-financial resources, including but not limited to ideas, experience, knowledge and people.

  2. Promoting awareness of Catholic communities in southern England and Wales

  3. Maintaining communication among its members and organising joint events and endeavours.

CaSSU was founded in early 2012 as an initiative of the Southampton University Catholic Society. It was founded in response both to the precedent set by NUCS (Northern University Catholic Societies) and to active discussions among various Catholic societies concerning the need for a permanent community for Catholic societies across the south.  Ten founding member-societies met at the inaugural conference at Southampton in February 2012.

CaSSU hosts two events every year - one in spring and one in autumn.

Host society

Every six months, a new host society is elected to manage the daily business of CaSSU, to maintain communication among member societies and to organise the spring/autumn event.


The current host society is Cardiff University Catholic Society.

Previous host societies:

2013: UCL Union Catholic Society and Imperial College London Catholic Society (as co-host societies)

2012 (Autumn): Oxford University Catholic Society (The Newman Society)
2012 (Spring): Southampton University Catholic Society (inaugural host society)


CaSSU Constitution

For additional information, please refer to the CaSSU Constitution


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